Our Story

This story starts in the Ozark Mountains…

That’s where you'll find Purveyor 15 in Ozark, Missouri. A dedicated team comes to work each day to hand-craft beautiful beds that are sent out across the country!

Our Team

Meet Ross

Ross, owns + directs the operation, he grew up on a farm in the Ozarks where he learned first-hand that hard work always pays off. As a dad and a husband, he enjoys making a product that will be a staple for families for years to come.

Meet Taylor

You'll find Taylor helping behind the scenes + with all things marketing. She is a wife and mom to two who loves to go on road trips, find great local coffee shops and snap photos of her young family.

More than a product...

it's a way of life

We make hard decisions each and every day for our family… what to eat, where to send them to school, what products to buy, and list goes on – our hope is to make the decision of what bed to buy, simple. When you buy a Purveyor 15 bed you become part of our family. You’ll meet others who are passionate about quality products and giving their family the absolute best.

Our community
  • #1: Hands On Learning

    Everyone learns at their own pace, our beds help your family master any bedtime routine.

  • #2: Create Calm

    Our hand-crafted beds help create a simple environment that is prepared to help de-stress + relax.

  • #3: Promote Independence

    With furniture close to the floor, your kiddo can easily get in + out on their own.

Our Promise

We use locally grown Poplar wood to hand-craft each bed. Rest assured each bed is chemical-free + made by hand in the USA.

We give back

One Tree Planted

We plant trees! Each month we work with One Tree Planted. Trees clean our air + water, provide a habitat for wildlife and contribute to our health and livelihoods. That is why we work to give back.