Time to Sleep

Time to Sleep

We all know sleep is important but do your kids know sleep is important? As parents, bedtime can be grueling.

"Just one more glass of water."

"I need to go to the bathroom."

"I'm not tired!"

But we're here to tell you bedtime can be FUN! We believe every child's room is meant to be a space where they can create, unwind and relax. 


To make bedtime fun—use these tips:

#1—Set a bedtime and a wake-up time.

Having a routine is crucial! Believe it or not, your kids' little body knows when it is time to sleep and time to get up. It also comforts your kiddos when they know what to expect!


#2—Create a routine.

Get a glass of water, read a book, sing a song or say your prayers. Whatever the routine, do it each and every night!


#3—Get a fan.

Yes, a fan! A cool room and some white noise are perfect to ease your kiddo to sleep.


#4—Go on a monster hunt.

It's important to ease any fears your child has. If they are afraid of the dark, get a fun nightlight. If they are afraid of monsters, spray a room spray and refer to it as "monster repellent" or yes, go and search for the monsters on a hunt! Take their fears seriously to make their room a safe haven.


#5—Order a Purveyor15 Bed.

It's always way more fun to go to sleep in a house bed! Trust us!


At the end of the day, good sleep is needed for your children to function and be happy! If you have any ideas that work for your family, feel free to send them our way. We hope you all get some good sleep in the nights ahead!

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