Purveyor15 Moms: Real Talk with Katherine Tuttle

Purveyor15 Moms: Real Talk with Katherine Tuttle

Our Purveyor15 community is ever growing! We love when you send us your pictures and show us newly designed rooms that are specifically created with your kiddo in mind.

We chatted with #Mompreneur, Katherine Tuttle, based out of Georgia. She is always looking for her next DIY project and blogs about capsule life, decor & healthy living. 

A few months ago, she set out to redesign her son's bedroom. As most things are, designing is a process and Katherine loves it. She began by asking her son, what he had in mind.




"Teddy wanted colors all over the room—blue on one wall, red on another," Katherine said. "When designing for kids, they don’t really know what they want.  You have to take their interests and insight and put them through the lens of good design."

Knowing her five, almost six-year-old, son loves dinosaurs and adventure, she decided that would be her inspiration. She started with Google and Pinterest—looking up "explorer bedrooms for kids."

"Through a good friend, I came across (your) teepee bed. I imagined Teddy turning it into a fort ... the bed became the focal point for his room."

If you don't know where to begin, Katherine recommends picking one piece that will be your main star! It could be a bed frame, a cabinet, maybe even an art piece. But she says it is important to pick your focal point at the beginning and then base your design around that one piece.

"Pick the star of the vignette and build from there. It doesn’t mean that part shines brighter than the rest, it just means that is the anchor."

After the focal point was ordered, she turned her eyes toward the walls. With the help Teddy, they picked an awesome, quirky explorer mural from Anewall Decor.

From there, she started bringing in other pieces one random shopping trip at a time.

"Design is never done, it takes time. Let the design unfold organically. Don’t try to rush itcast the vision and let it unfold."

The rug was one of the last things she added to the room, she says the rug either needs to be picked first to create a statement or picked very last to serve as a neutral to tie the space together.


"I love it, there are still some things that I need to figure out like adding a new shelf. But I am really proud that he loves it and that he feels that he can be in his room building, playing and exploring."

From start to practically finished (Katherine is always looking for new things to add), this project took around four months. Teddy is loving his big kid room and making forts regularly!

"I’ve created a haven for him and that was my goal."


To keep up with Katherine and her family, give her a follow!





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