New Year, Clean Home

New Year, Clean Home

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to let the cleaning and maintenance of your home get out of hand. Now’s the time to refresh and reset, to start the new year off with a clean home. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the new year.

Clean out the Fridge 

Remove all those leftovers in the fridge and ditch the stale Christmas cookies. The fridge becomes a collection of dirty dishes from all the holiday festivities. Clean out those two-week old dishes and get rid of all those holiday treats taking up room.

It’s time to refresh from the holiday binge, even if you’re not one for making resolutions. While you’re emptying everything out, now is the perfect time to...

  • Wipe fridge shelves
  • Clear out the expired condiments
  • Replace the baking soda keeping the odor away


Throw away the clutter.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of old items to make way for the new. Donate old toys to show your kids the importance of giving and not just receiving. Trust me, they will forget about that old toy next week and always remember the feeling of helping others in need. 

Skim through your closet, your kid’s closet, and even your husband’s closet. If it doesn’t fit anymore or hasn’t been worn since last spring, let it go. Here’s another chance to donate to the community around you.  

Wash your bedroom sheets.

Nothing feels, or smells, better than crawling into a bed made with freshly washed sheets. Plan to wash your sheets at least once every two weeks to keep them fresh. If you really want to go above and beyond, wash them once a week.

Designate one day of the week as linen day and plan to round up all the sheets & towels in your home to give them a wash. 

Have your kiddos help.

A little help goes a long way. Tiny hands can learn to clean up messes, wipe down the kitchen table, or put away cups. Figure out age appropriate tasks for your little ones and help them learn and take on responsibilities along the way.

A few ideas...

  • Sorting silverware
  • Wiping counters with disinfectant wipes
  • Matching socks
  • Folding towels and kitchen towels

Keeping things clean reduces the amount of deep cleaning you will have to do later!

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