Gift Guides 2023

Gift Guides 2023

'Tis the Season 
It's the season of gift giving and sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new, fresh ideas. That is why we have put together a few ideas of some of our favorite gift ideas for you to give the kiddos in your life.


Ages 18 Months - 2 years old

Gift guide for ages 18 months to 2 years old

Balance Stepping Stones: Great for helping children improve their balance. Aid in imaginative play. These are both indoor and outdoor.

Bake-a-Cake-Stand-Mixer: Sturdy and fun set for the kiddo who loves to help mom in the kitchen.

The Sierra House Bed by Purveyor 15: This bed has two railings, and is close to the ground. Perfect for helping your little develop independence. 

Up and Down Set: Use the blocks to climb on and play, incredibly sturdy and come in different colors! 

Piker Triangle Set: This set will grow with your kiddo. They may be nervous to use it at first but it was challenge them.

Gift guide 3-4 years old

Personalized Wooden Puzzle: This animal puzzle can be personalized and will challenge your young thinker. Not to mention, it's beautiful!!!

The Ozarks House Bed by Purveyor 15: Our Classic House Bed is sure to please. You can add legs or keep it on the ground!

Magnet Tiles: This is a gift that will grow with your child. We recommend starting with a small box kit and then as your child grows you can add new peices and add-ons.

Digital Camera: This digital camera by Ozmi is sturdy and durable. It is fun to see the world through your child's eyes.

Bridges Set: These rainbow-style Bridges by Foamnasium maximize active play and imagination! The simple and functional design creates a ton of options for kids to create obstacle courses, puddle jumpers, and even teeter-totters.

Personalized Jean Jacket: We love this custom jean jacket. It allows your child to show off their creativity and personality!

The Shenandoah House Bed by Purveyor 15: This bed is beautiful and creates a space all their own. Watch their imagination take off!

The Glacier Teepee Bed by Purveyor 15: This bed is incredibly fun for the child who loves to explore. The A frame is perfect for creating a tent.

Blocksy+: A fresh take on a classic design, Blocksy + is a seamless fusion of furniture and fun. These are by Foamnasium!

Monster Truck Custom Shop: A great activity for the young car enthusiast or designer. You actually get to paint and create these real monster trucks!


Hopefully these ideas help you and inspire your own creativity. We wish you a Merry Christmas + happy holiday season! 

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