Finding the Perfect House Bed

Finding the Perfect House Bed

Searching for the right bed for your toddler can be a challenge! You want them to love it, but you also want it to be as safe as possible. 

We have a variety of beds depending on your needs—from toddler size beds to queen size and everything in between, we will help you find the perfect bed!


#1- What height are you looking for?

Depending on what you are searching for, you can customize and decide what height you are looking for! Our beds are designed with you in mind. Different designs have different heights. The House Bed sits right on the ground, creating easy and safe access for your toddler to get on and off of by themselves. 


#2 - Do you need safety railings?

You can order the House Bed with a variety of types of railings that can bring your child’s room to life! The House Bed can come with railings that go around 3 sides, and a railing that only goes around the two ends. 

The Beach Hut Bed also comes with railings that surround the bed! If you’re looking for something more fun, consider the picket fence railing—this is a favorite for style and safety. 


#3 - Lastly, what style suits your child?

The wonderful thing about our beds is that you can customize them to fit your needs.

Want a chimney on your House Bed? 

Or just want something with beach vibes?

We have a range of styles from the Teepee Bed to the Beach Hut Bed to the House Bed! These beds are not only fun but will provide a statement for your child’s bedroom and a place that will bring their imagination to life.

Each bed is unique and designed just for you. We are sure it’ll be exactly what you are looking for! Visit our website to pick your bed right now, click here.

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