Christmas Family Fun: Some ideas to help you deck the halls

Christmas Family Fun: Some ideas to help you deck the halls

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! Many families have traditions that they do year after year, but there are always a few fun activities that you can add to the holiday calendar.

Here are some of our favorite things to do this time of year:

1. Pick out a live Christmas tree! It is always so fun to take the family to a tree farm. Let the kids pick out which tree they think will look best in the living room. Then when you get home, decorate everything with lights and decorations.

2. Make paper snowflakes! Get out some white paper, and grab the scissors to create your own snowflakes. There is no doubt, everyone’s snowflakes will look different. After you have finished creating, take fishing line and hang the snowflakes around your home!
3. Look at Christmas lights! Driving around looking at Christmas lights was my favorite thing to do with my family as a kid, and Google always knows where the best Christmas lights are. Don’t forget to make a stop for hot chocolate along the way!
4. Decorate gingerbread houses! You can either make your own gingerbread or go to the grocery store and buy a kit. This is a great way to get the kids active in building something with a treat along the way!
5. Have a Christmas movie marathon! Since you might not be able to go out and about much this year, you can still have just as much fun watching movies in your living room. Pull out comfy blankets, make some Christmas cookies and start with your favorite holiday movie. We suggest The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3! 

There’s no doubt, whatever activities you do with your littles - memories will be made! We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 

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