The ‘Big Kid’ Transition

The ‘Big Kid’ Transition

Your toddler is constantly crawling out of their crib, bedtime is always a fight and they keep asking for a “big kid” bed … you know it’s time to make the transition.

But how?

There’s so much information out there so we decided to break it down for you!

#1 Options

Did you know you have options? You can choose a toddler bed (crib sized mattress) or a twin sized bed with rails.

We suggest keeping the bed low to the ground to prevent any injuries if your kiddo rolls out or decides to have an epic, late night dance party.

#2 Keep it fun

Keep the transition fun and positive! This new bed is a big deal—go above and to make your toddler feel like they are entering a new stage. Your excitement for them will hopefully ease any fears.

#3 Keep up routine

The bedtime routine is incredibly important. Keep it the same! We suggest setting up the new bed in the same spot as the crib and keeping decorations similar so distractions are limited.

#4 Involve them in the process

We’ve found the best way to get your toddler invested in this transition is for them to make it their own.

    • Have them pick out a special stuffed animal that only stays in the new bed
    • Have them pick out the sheets
    • Have them pick out a night light

#5 Reward

Each morning your child wakes up in their big kid bed, give them a reward! It could be a star sticker or a sweet treat. No matter what the reward, keep it consistent and make it a big deal.

The ‘big kid’ transition takes time. So take it one night at a time, make adjustments and give plenty of grace. You got this!

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