Springtime fun

Springtime fun

It's hard to believe spring has sprung! Do you feel like 2020 is flying by? We sure do! Before days get too hot and bedtime becomes later and later—we wanted to share some of our favorite springtime activities. 


#1—Afternoon Scavenger Hunt

After lunch is over and the sun is shining, take the kiddos outside and have them go on a springtime scavenger hunt. We've made it easy for you—here's a list ready for you to use!


#2—Plant a garden

Planting a garden is the activity that just keeps giving! There is always something to do the next day. Whether you plant flower beds, a vegetable garden or a small indoor herb garden—having a garden is a great lesson in responsibility. 


#3—Raise butterflies

It typically takes a few weeks to raise butterflies. You can buy a kit online and watch butterflies grow before your eyes. This is a wonderful science experiment for your kiddos!


#4—Make potato art

Potato art is something my mom used to do with me. She would cut up potatoes in different shapes, like squares, triangles and rectangles. Then, we would make shape patterns by dipping the potatoes in paint. It's a great way to help your kids learn their shapes and make art!


#5—Make flower prints

Go outside and gather lots of flowers. Then, place thin paper over top (one flower at a time) and lightly color over the flower with crayons. The flower will make a beautiful impression!


We hope you have a happy springtime!

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