Purveyor15 Moms: Real Talk with Cynthia

Purveyor15 Moms: Real Talk with Cynthia

Cynthia is a mom of two who loves creating an inviting space for her family to relax, play and live in! While trying to find her next project, Cynthia, decided she needed to find the perfect bed for her son’s bedroom. 


“I was looking for beds and came across Purveyor 15 through Instagram,” Cynthia said. 


From there, Cynthia had the inspiration she needed for her son’s bedroom! She decided to go with a woodland theme with greys, whites and a natural woods. When designing, she loves to incorporate a solid color palette with a bold theme.


“I get all my ideas from Pinterest, and then I create a storyboard and figure out what works and what doesn’t. That’s how I came up with my son’s toddler room!”


After Cynthia created her Pinterest boards, she began to dream and let her imagination put the rest of the room together. 


She opted to redo the floors - laying a clean, solid foundation for the room.


“Start with the base, either the floors or the walls, and start with a strong base so you have something to work off. I think finding that base color is the main thing to get everything going.”


Then she focused her attention to the walls, adding wooden wallpaper brings the whole room together. It definitely makes us feel like we’re in a woodland wonderland!

The room took two months from start to finish! Her son loves it, and he’ll tell you, his favorite part is his House Bed.


“It’s like you walk in and BAM! That’s the statement piece, it brings everything together and gives the woodland theme.”


Sometimes, Cynthia will put a sheet over the bed, and let her son play and pretend! 

“He can go in there and play and it gives him space for imagination.  He thinks he’s Spiderman or sometimes he has his own family.”


Currently, Cynthia and her family are in the middle of a move. When they get to their new home she is looking forward to decorating again! 


Keep up with Cynthia and her family, @cynthiaschavez

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