Paint + Stain Your Furniture... Easily!

Paint + Stain Your Furniture... Easily!

Whenever you order a Purveyor 15 Bed, it comes in it's natural Poplar wood state. But we get asked all the time... can you paint this for me? Can the wood be stained?

While we don't paint or stain the bed for you, we do have some recommendations on what products to use!

Have you ever heard of Rethunk Junk Paint? It's our very favorite.

I discovered Rethunk Junk Paint a few years ago at a beautiful furniture shop my mom and I would frequent on Saturdays. They were selling this paint that said, "no sanding necessary!" It sounded to good to be true, but I picked up a jar to repaint a bench in my dining room.

After I used it once, I was hooked!

It is truly the easiest paint to use and safe for your family.

All you have to do is first, prep the piece with their spray and then paint! Voila!

Here is a little video using our Poplar Wood and staining it to make it look like Driftwood (this is Rethunk Junk's Weathered Gray Stain).

Rethunk Junk gave us a link for you to use, SHOP PAINT HERE!

If you are staining your bed, we do recommend using Old English Polish after you finish staining to give your wood a beautiful finish.

Happy Painting!

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