Know your bed

Know your bed

You love your bed, and we love your bed too!


Each bed is made with a lot of love from our Missouri shop. We take pride in each and every piece created. So does our owner, Matt Grandt.

Matt has a knack for building things—fences, coffee tables, or whatever else you eye on Pinterest! In fact, that’s how all this came about. Back in 2016—Matt’s wife, Courtney, saw a picture of a bed that resembled a whimsical house shape and asked him to build it for their daughter. 

After it was finished, Courtney posted it on social media and the response was overwhelming.

People fell in love with the idea of a fun house shape as the frame for their toddler’s bed!

Matt decided to post it on his Etsy shop and just a few days later one sold, then another, and another and you know where this is going! 

A business was formed right before their very eyes. 

“It’s incredible, honestly,” Matt says. “If I didn’t have a wife that believed in me it wouldn’t have ever happened.”

They named the company the The Pinned Purveyor—with the thought that anything you pinned on Pinterest, they could create. But as time went on the name changed to Purveyor15. The “15” comes from a randomly generated website domain namer, as “" wasn’t available. They thought “Purveyor 15” had a ring to it, and that was that!

Within eight months, Matt found himself building these custom creations full time. 

“A lot of prayer went into what you see now,” Matt says. “Being close to the church, hanging out with groups of people who pray has helped us so much.”

Purveyor15 has grown a lot over the years, each bed is handcrafted in our shop in Ozark, Missouri just for you and your kiddos. From houses complete with Picket fences to a beach hut hideaway to a teepee retreat — Matt has fun with the designs and tries to create something that every kid will love. 

Our beds are in homes all across the country. We love reading your reviews and seeing your beautiful pictures. We believe we have the best customers on the planet!


So the next time you look at your Purveyor15 bed, place your next order or maybe even your first order—know that this bed has a story. It was made with a lot of heart by our team. We are so thankful you partnered with us to help create a place for your kiddo to sleep tight and dream big!

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