Designing a bedroom to grow with your kiddo

Designing a bedroom to grow with your kiddo

Your kid's bedroom should be a safe place—a space that they can enjoy and relax in. When they love their space, they are more apt to sleep through the night and get good rest.

But it's no secret that kid's interests are always changing ... from Peppa Pig to PJ Masks to Frozen 2 ... you just never know what will be popular that day! We suggest creating a space that will grow with your kiddo and be exciting for years to come.


#1 - Choose a neutral wall color

Painting the walls a bold, bright color is a commitment and what is 'in' this year—will change next year. Stick with painting the walls a neutral color, these are some of our favorites:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Navy Blue

If you're looking to add an accent wall, try removal wallpaper. That is sure to add a pop of color!


#2 - Pick a theme

Instead of picking bedding from the hottest animated movie—choose a theme that will grow with your child. 

  • Nautical
  • Safari
  • Princess
  • Under the sea

Use this theme to bring in decorations like pictures, wall art and decor. These items can always be easily replaced, making the theme easy to change out as your kiddo grows.


#3 - Add pops of color with bedding

Now that you know your theme, you can add pops of color with the bedding. Bring in fun pillows, blankets and don't forget to add some colorful sheets for a fun surprise!


#4 - Choose furniture that will grow with your child

When furniture shopping, buy durable furniture that will last through the pillow fights, sleepovers, jumping on the bed, and yes, the restless nights too. 

At Purveyor 15, we handcraft each and every bed to ensure the best quality possible. From our classic House Beds to Canopy Beds—we have a bed that will fit your space and last for years to come.


#5 - Incorporate storage options

We all know there is no such thing as too much storage! Incorporate neutral furniture pieces into your design that have multiple purposes. Add a bench that opens up to store toys, bins under the bed to organize the winter clothes, or bookshelves.

These items will be transitional pieces that will grow with your kiddo and will be able to be used no matter their interest.

Pro Tip: Create "a place" for everything, that way your growing kiddo can easily clean up from their latest adventure!



Through the design process, ask your kids for their help—it's their room after all. This will add extra excitement!

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