A Behind the Scenes Look

A Behind the Scenes Look

Here at Purveyor 15, we take great pride in crafting high quality beds that will last for generations. You can rest assured knowing our beds are chemical free, crafted with locally grown poplar wood and made by hand in the USA.

Our process is simple and we wanted to give you an inside look—watch this:


Step 1: Smoothing. We take each board and remove any rough patches. This gives every bed a smooth finish.

Step 2: Cutting. Every board is hand-cut to size. 

Step 3: Sanding. Each piece is sanded once more to smooth edges and ensure a great finish.

Step 4: Drilling. The holes are placed in every piece to make for easy assembly.

Step 5: Rounding. We round the edges so every bed is safe and practical for your toddler.

Step 6: Packaging. For easy assembly, we put together a packet for you. It is complete with screws and instructions so you can assemble your new piece of furniture easily!

Step 7: Boxing. Each piece of wood is handled with care and placed in a box with your name on it.

Step 8: Shipped. Then, your bed is shipped out to you and will arrive at your doorstep!

We love what we do and are grateful for your business. Thank you for inviting us into your home and making us a part of your family!

-Purveyor 15 Team


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