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More Time for Family Time

If you’re like us, you’re spending more time at home these days and so are the kids! We’ve done some brainstorming and thought up a few out of the box ideas for you and your family. Here we go:


#1—Indoor Picnic

We all eat dinner every night but instead of eating around the dinner table, make a picnic and take it to the living room. Grab a picnic blanket, a few PB&Js and some cups with lids! This is every kids dream!


#2—I Spy Walk

Remember the game “I Spy”? I spy with my little eye … something … RED! Then the guessing begins.

Take it outdoors on a walk around the neighborhood or the playground. It’s a great way to get some exercise!


#3— Blanket Fort

A well built blanket fort can entertain the family for hours. Grab a few chairs, blankets, some popcorn and an old fashioned DVD player and show your kids what your childhood looked like!


#4—Obstacle Course

Ready. Set. GO! Turn your home into an obstacle course with everyday items like chairs, pillows, benches, staircases and stuffed animals. Outline the course and then take turns doing it and timing each other. Make a bracket and keep it fun!


#5—Create Cards for Healthcare Workers

Our healthcare workers are working around the clock. Take this opportunity to spread some cheer! Have them draw and write thank you cards for doctors and nurses.

Have an idea? Send it our way! Shoot us a message on Instagram @Purveryor15 or on Facebook.

We hope you all have the best time social distancing with your family!